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5 Month Old Baby P

It was lovely to meet this little lady and her parents last week for her Simply Baby portrait session. She was very happy and full of smiles! She has mastered finding her toes and is almost sitting up by herself at 5 months old. This is a lovely age to bring your little one to the studio for some first portraits, especially if you have missed the relatively small window for 'newborn' images.

Simply Baby photo shoots are fun, fully styled sessions for little ones from 2 months to 3 years which take place in my baby friendly garden studio in Stratford sub Castle, on the outskirts of Salisbury. These sessions are the perfect way to celebrate special milestones such as sitting or birthdays and are great if you didn't get around to capturing newborn images.

For more information please click HERE for a brochure and full price list. I would love to welcome you to our studio soon.

Rachel x


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