A once in a lifetime event, the beginning of a new life as a parent; the birth of your baby is an event so utterly life-changing that it becomes impossible to remember your world before this wonderful little person entered it. 

Choosing your newborn photographer is an important decision. Newborn photography is unique in the skills and training required to handle, pose and capture our tiny clients safely. As a specialist photographer, I am proud to be a Qualified Newborn Photographer, through The Guild of Photographers and also a member of the Newborn and Baby Photography Network. I am committed to providing the highest standards of safety and art in my work.

I offer two styles of newborn photography session for you to choose from - Fine Art and White Onesie. Please see below for details of each style to help you decide which will suit your family best.

Newborn Fine Art

There is only a very short, once in a lifetime window in which it is possible to create these stunning, newborn fine art images of your baby.

My fine art style newborn sessions include Sweet sleepy poses, organic textures, knitted bonnets, pretty halos and whimsical props all coordinated and individually styled to create a stunning fine art gallery.

During your pre-session consultation I will guide you through choosing a colour palette for your session that compliments your home. We will discuss how you plan to display your finished newborn art, whether it be in an album, wall art or framed prints. 
Sessions include posed parent, sibling and family images.

Newborn White Onesie

White Onesie style newborn sessions focus on capturing the wonder of welcoming a new baby into your family. Rather than posing your baby in a particular way, I guide you to interact with your new baby in a natural way while I capture intimate portraits in my beautiful pure white studio. 

The focus of These sessions is on the wonderful connection and love between you and your baby, however they also include images of your baby on their own. I will place your baby in beautiful light and capture them as they move or sleep naturally.
Those stretching toes, tiny fingers, swirls of hair, wrinkled brow, a sleepy yawn - all those perfect details that you will want to hold onto forever.

Newborn Photography Frequently asked Questions

When should I book my newborn photography session?

There is a relatively small window during which the sleepy newborn poses you see here can be achieved. Ideally, I aim to photograph newborns when they are between 5 and 21 days new, although I will accept newborn bookings up to 6 weeks of age. As babies get older, they sleep less and are alert for longer periods during the day. For this reason, a White Onesie style session is often more appropriate for babies over 6 weeks old. If your baby has been born prematurely, the timing of your session will depend on whether your baby has an extended hospital stay and how soon you feel comfortable to come to the studio. I find adjusting the timings so that your session is around your baby's original due date is a good starting point. I recommend booking your newborn session as soon as you decide that you want to work with me. This ensures availabilty for your due date, and means that there is one less thing to do once baby arrives.

What happens with my photography session if my baby arrives earlier or later that my 'due date'?

Only around 5% of babies arrive on their estimated due date. Because I book a maximum of 8 newborn sessions per month, I am able to allow plenty of wriggle room in my diary for early and late arrivals. When you book your newborn session I use your due date as a guide in my diary. Once your baby arrives I ask you to get in touch within the first few days to arrange a convenient date for your session. This way you do not need to worry about baby arriving in time for a set date and I can easily accommodate other circumstances such as hospital stays or prematurity.

Can pets be included in our newborn session?

I understand that many clients have a fur baby who is very much one of the family. I am always happy to include dogs in newborn sessions as long as it is safe to do so. Most commonly I will include pets in the family images at the start of the session and then next to baby in a prop. Prop images will usually be achieved by using the compositing technique - taking two separate images and merging them together to make the final image - so that your baby and pet can be photographed calmly and safely.

How long do newborn photography sessions last?

A newborn photography is very different to any other professional photography session you may have experienced. Sessions last between 2 and 4 hours, with much of the time dedicated to soothing, feeding and posing your baby, in preparation for actually taking the images. I reccommened that you aviod making any other commitments for the day of your session so that you can relax and enjoy the experience. All our sessions are baby led to ensure that your baby is happy and comfortable at all times. I only schedule one newborn session per day, so there is never any pressure on my time. Importantly, there is always time to feed, change and settle your baby before your leave to go home.

What happens if my baby is awake during the newborn session?

Each session usually includes some awake and some asleep time for baby. When baby is awake you will be able to do everything you would normally do at home to ensure that they are happy and settled - feeding, winding, changing, rocking - which will usually result in a contented baby, either awake or asleep. If baby is awake and happy I will continue with your session, capturing some beautiful awake shots which are always a favourite. Then, if necessary I will use my experience and soothing techniques, including white noise and swaddling to help your baby fall back to sleep.

Is newborn photography safe?

In short, yes. The safety of your baby is always my foremost priority throughout your session. I am experienced and trained in handling and posing newborn babies to ensure that they are safe throughout the session. I work gently with your baby and monitor them constantly so that your baby's comfort is never comprimised. Some babies are not comfortable in certain poses due to their position in the womb, soreness and bruising from birth or because they are just not as flexible. I will never continue with a pose if baby is uncomfortable or unsettled in that position. I use a studio flash in a large soft box modifier for most of my studio photography. Babies are not distrubed by the flash and it will not harm them if they have their eyes open. The light is no brighter than the daylight you will experience outside on an overcast day.

Will my baby's red/ spotty/ flaky skin show in the photographs?

Many newborn babies have red, blotchy, spotty or flaky skin. It is also normal to have marks from their birth, scratches from tiny fingernails and gummy eyes! I am skilled at reducing these while editing in a natural way so they will not detract from your baby's finished images. Red 'stork bites' and birth marks are also common. I will always discuss with you whether you would like these marks reduced, removed or left as they are before editing your images.

What do we need to bring to our newborn session?

I provide all the props, wraps and accessories for your session. All you need to bring with you are your usual baby supplies and plenty of feeds if bottle feeding. I also have spares of most things you might need on hand in the studio. If you have something of sentimental value that you would particularly like included in your session, please mention it in your pre-session questionnaire and I will be happy to weave it into your session flow, as long as it is safe to do so.

What happens after our session?

At the end of your session we will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to return to the studio for your reveal appointment where you will view your images as a beautiful high resolution slideshow and as mounted prints. During your reveal you will be able to choose your image collection and printed products. Your chosen digital images will be available for you to download immediately from an online gallery while your printed products and USB are being processed. Printed products are usually avaiable to collect from the studio within 4 weeks of ordering.

How many images will we receive after our session?

Following your session I will select and professionally edit a gallery of around 25 beautiful images for you to view at your reveal appointment. At the reveal, you will be able to choose from the image collections in my brochure. I also offer a personal wall art and album design service.

How much does it cost?

Our Newborn Session fee is £95. This includes your 2-4 hour studio session, use of our studio props, wraps and accessories and professional editing of 25-30 images for you to view at your reveal appointment. Image collections are chosen at your reveal appointment with prices starting from £395. As a guide, most clients spend between £500 and £1000 on collections and printed products. Newborn Sessions make the perfect baby shower or new baby gift! Ask about our complimentary Gift Registry.

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