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The 5 Common Concerns Parents Have When Booking a Cake Smash Photo Shoot

(and why you don't need to worry when you book with me)

When chatting to parents who are booking their baby's 1st birthday photo shoot in my Wiltshire studio, I have noticed that there are a few common worries that come up almost every time. These are concerns that many parents who have not had a cake smash photo shoot with me before are thinking about before their session, I thought it would be great to write a blog about why my clients don't need to worry! Everything about my cake smash photo shoots is designed to make life easy for parents so that they can relax and enjoy the experience with their baby. So here are the top 5 worries I hear from parents and why you don't need to worry once you've booked with me.

Will my baby eat any cake at their cake smash photo shoot?

Will my baby actually eat any cake?

Most little ones don’t actually eat much of the cake during their cake smash photo shoot. Some love the icing and will enjoy licking it off their fingers; others will love picking up tiny sprinkles or crumbs. A few will dive straight in and eat some chunks of cake. Most of the session will be messy play however, singing songs, banging with a wooden spoon and smooshing some cake. This is more than enough to enable me to capture gorgeous images of your baby enjoying their cake. They really don’t need to eat much of it at all! I always encourage parents and siblings to tuck in if they want to and even then, there is some to take home for tea. Having realistic expectations of how much cake your baby will eat during their cake smash and understanding that they only need to interact with the cake in a few different ways to create a beautiful image gallery for you, will help you to relax and enjoy the experience with your baby.

My baby bumped their head just be fore their session and now they have a huge bruise!

Salisbury 1st birthday photographer

Coming up for their 1st birthday is the age when most babies are beginning to cruise around the furniture or even take their first steps. Bumps and bruises are inevitable at this age, however hard you try to avoid them. I am actually surprised when a one year old arrives for their session without a bruise on their forehead! Many parents apologise and worry, that it will spoil their images when they want everything to be perfect. My answer is please don’t worry; it’s not a problem at all. I will always professionally edit out bumps and bruises from your final images for you, unless you request otherwise.

How will choose the decorations and what about the cake?

Wiltshire cake smash photo shoot

One of the reasons that my cake smash photo shoots include all the decorations is that I have years of experience planning and shooting cake smash sessions for my clients. I am the expert, and from experience I know what works (and what doesn't) when I style my cake smash sets. How could I possibly expect my clients to have the same knowledge?! Not to mention, that leaving the house with one or more children in tow and ready for a photo shoot is an achievement in itself (I know, I've been there) so I would never expect my clients to bring some or all of the décor or the cake to the studio. That is one of the reasons you are hiring a professional photographer for your baby's cake smash. You want peace of mind that everything will be taken care of - all you need to do is arrive at the studio on the day of your session and everything will be ready for you. No collecting the cake from the bakers or organising balloons, that's my job. Sometimes parents ask why the cake is included in the session fee. The truth is, I have seen and heard about so many sessions where the parents have been expected to provide the cake and it either doesn't look as expected, doesn't match the set colours or there is some kind of disaster getting it to the photo shoot (visions of juggling baby in one hand a cake in the other...). By providing everything you need for your session I can guarantee consistently stunning results every time, because I have a complete overview when planning your session. If you'd like to know more about cake smash theme ideas, visit my previous blog post.

Will I have some clean portraits of my baby too?

Salisbury 1st birthday photo shoot

I love to photograph my sweet clients enjoying their cake, with sticky fingers and icing covered toes! Nothing makes me happier that when I capture a gorgeous crumb covered grin or a big finger lick moment. However, as a parent I understand that most clients also want some clean birthday portraits of their baby, so we always start by capturing some beautiful timeless images of your baby either on the set, in my white studio or neutral backdrop before the cake smashing begins. I also remind parents to clean their baby's face before we start the bubble bath part of the session, so your beautiful splash images will be cake free too. So please don't worry, your baby will not be covered in cake for every photograph!

How will I get my sticky, cake covered baby home?

Salisbury 1st birthday photographer

No-one wants to put a baby who has just smashed their birthday cake straight in their car seat for the journey home - so the good news is you don't have to! The splash part of our Cake Smash Photo Shoots is the perfect way to finish. Not only do babies love a relaxing splash in the tub, but it is the perfect way to wash off all that sticky cake before you take them home. That's why a splash in the bath is included in all my cake smash sessions - I wouldn't dream of sending you home without it! Cake Smashing is tiring for little ones, so most clients pop their baby in a sleep suit after their bath, ready for a lovely snooze on the way home.

I hope you've found this post helpful. To learn more about my photography studio in Salisbury, Wiltshire and out Cake Smash Photography, please visit the Cake Smash page of my website. For more tips on choosing a Cake Smash theme and getting the most out of your baby's 1st birthday photo shoot search 'Cake Smash' in my blog posts.


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