How to choose the perfect theme for your baby's birthday Cake Smash

With many years experience designing beautiful, bespoke Cake Smash sets for 1st and 2nd birthday photo shoots, I am often asked what makes a good choice of theme for your baby's session. There are so many possibilities! When you book your baby's Cake Smash session with me, I will work with you to help you narrow down your ideas and decide on the perfect theme. Then I'll take your idea and turn it into reality, creating a gorgeous backdrop for your little one's special birthday celebration. Keep reading for my top 10 cake smash theme ideas!

As one of Wiltshire's leading Cake Smash photographers, my Salisbury studio is full of props and quirky items to help create a truly unique theme for your baby's session. When you book for your baby's birthday photo shoot you will receive an initial questionnaire to complete which asks if you have any ideas for the theme/ style of your cake smash. Please don't worry if your ideas are vague at this stage - it is just a starting point! We'll then arrange a time to chat on the phone and together we will plan your theme and all the details.

Our Cake Smash sessions include a bespoke themed set and a beautiful professionally made cake by the amazing Sharon at Sugar Wish Cakes to match, so everything co-ordinates perfectly. You don't have to worry about a thing! You can even borrow an outfit from our baby studio wardrobe if you wish.

So, where do we start when choosing a theme? Here are 10 top ideas to help you think about the kind of theme you might choose for your baby's birthday.

1. Choose a favourite colour and take it from there. You might go for the traditional pink and blue colours or a favourite colour of your own. Maybe your house has lots of sunny yellows or leafy greens - this is a good starting point if you would like your final images to co-ordinate well with your décor when you hang them on your walls. Once you have chosen a colour we can think about what elements we can use to style your session in that colour e.g. florals, balloons etc.

2. Pure, Simple and timeless. Although cake smash sessions are often all about the colour, they can work brilliantly in a minimalist, timeless style. Our pure white studio is perfect for this! Team with some white balloons and a simple, semi-naked cake for a classic look.

3. Balloons! Balloon garlands are one of my favourite looks for cake smash sessions. They can be made in such a huge variety of colours from rainbow brights to nudes and pastels. I make my own balloon arches and garlands for sessions so they will always be exactly how you envisage them. Add flowers, foliage or stars for an added wow factor!

4. Favourite character. If your child has a favourite story book or children's cartoon character, this can make a lovely theme for your session. Particularly if they are excited to see it! Or perhaps it is you who are a fan of a classic cartoon character and would like to design a theme around that. The possibilities are endless!

5. Floral. Flowers and floral designs are classic and very popular. Variations can include woodland and rustic themes and of course, there is an endless choice of colours! A semi-naked cake finished with flowers and foliage is perfect to complement a floral cake smash theme.

6. Interests. Not all babies have a particular interest by their 1st birthday, but many do. Perhaps your little one loves ladybirds, trains, cars or dinosaurs! This can be a lovely way to decide on a theme because your baby will enjoy the props and when they are older it will be a reminder of what they loved when they were turning one. As our cakes are made to match your theme, your baby can enjoy tucking into a cake with their favourite things on too!

7. Seasonal. It's a great idea to take inspiration from the season in which your baby's birthday falls. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter cake smash sets are all huge fun to design and it's lovely to reflect the season on their birth. Think Spring foliage, tulips and daffodils; Summer flowers or the seaside; Autumn leaves, pumpkins or even Halloween; Winter sparkle with snowflakes o