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1st Birthday Cake Smash Photoshoot for Odin

Are you considering a Cake Smash Photoshoot for your baby's special 1st birthday? If so and you're wondering a finished Cake Smash Photo Shoot gallery from Rachel Burnside Photography looks like, this post is for you. This is the story of sweet baby Odin's Cake Smash session earlier this year, told through his finished gallery!

His mummy chose a beautiful theme with a balloon garland in colours to match his nursery. From the photos she sent in her pre-session questionnaire we colour matched the balloons and arrange for the professionally made cake to match perfectly too. The brief was to keep it simple yet not boring, so we added our favourite neon 'one' sign and twinkle lights for added sparkle! A modern wooden cake stand completed the set.

Odin's mummy chose to borrow one of our many studio outfits for him on the day and picked this super sweet white onesie to match the theme.

Isn't Odin adorable! He was all smiles from the word go!

Our Cake Smash Photoshoots always start with some clean portraits of your baby first, before we introduce the cake. The 'ONE' letters are always fun for little ones to play with and make a brilliant noise when they get knocked over!

At this age your baby's attention spam is a minute or so at most, so we keep the session moving along quite quickly to hold their attention with each new phase. When we introduced his cake, Odin was fascinated with the decorations and the 'one' topper.

Then it was time to introduce the wooden spoon which is great for bashing and for chewing - especially when you've got new teeth coming through!

However, once he had a taste of the cake Odin really got stuck in! This is when I capture some close up images of sticky fingers and toes which add a story-telling element to your gallery and collage. I love how twinkle lights add interest to the backdrop on close up images without distracting from his sweet face!

Your baby is free to explore or eat the cake as much or as little as they like. Most babies spend around 20 minutes with their cake altogether which is plenty of time to capture lots of beautiful images for your gallery. Usually there is about half the cake left for your to take home and enjoy, unless your little one is a really amazing smasher!

At some point I encourage parents to jump in for a casual, behind the scenes photo for the gallery. It's lovely for your baby to look back on as a record of their 1st birthday. It's also a chance for you to eat some cake!

Odin loved licking the spoon and the icing was definitely his favourite part!

We finished off by singing some of his favourite songs which allowed Odin to show of his clapping skills and got some beautiful smiles. I'll always ask you at the beginning of the session what songs or funny noises make your baby laugh.

As soon as your baby shows signs of loosing interest in the cake we'll move onto the bath. This is often little ones favourite part of the photoshoot. It's a great way to finish the session and ensures that your baby is clean and cake free for the journey home.

Odin loved the bath and did some fabulous splashes!

I fully expect to have my second shower of the day during this part of the session. If I'm thoroughly soggy by the end, it means we've had a great time!

Odin had some many sweet expressions to show me while he was enjoying his bath. Baby's often have phases of making a certain funny face which they stop doing as suddenly as they started - I love to capture these unique little quirks for you to remember in years to come.

Our final images of the photo shoot are when your baby has finished in the bath and is wrapped in a towel to dry. Playing peek-a-boo is a favourite activity for these images.

After your session, as well as your beautiful individual images to choose from, you'll be able to purchase a custom designed birthday collage as a print, digital or wall art. It's perfect for hanging in your baby's nursery!

All Cake Smash Photoshoots take place in my baby friendly Salisbury studio. If you would like more information about the photo shoots we offer or to book a cake smash for your baby's 1st birthday you can get in touch by email at or via our contact page. I would love to chat with you!


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