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Top 10 names for a June born baby

June is a wonderful month to have your baby! It's usually sunny and warm in the UK so there's no need to wrap your baby up in layers, hats and snowsuits. It still has a Spring feel about it with glorious blooms and fresh green foliage all around and the whole summer ahead of you. There's also Wimbledon to watch if you find yourself spending all day feeding you baby on the sofa!

Top 10 names for your June born baby

There are lots of gorgeous baby names inspired by the birth month of June. Whether they are inspired by the seasonal flowers, birthstones or star signs there are lots of great options to choose from for your June born baby. Here are my favourite name picks for babies born in the month of June.

1. June ~ An obvious one perhaps! It's a pretty, slightly old fashioned, name that is really making a come back at the moment.

2. Juno ~ A great option for a boy if you love the name June. Juno means 'Goddess of love' in Latin but is a great unisex choice for June born babies.

3. Alexander/ Alexandra ~ Boy and girl options inspired by the June birth stone Alexandrite, a rare precious stone which appears to change colour according to the light.

4. Pearl ~ Another of June's birth stones, perfect for baby girls!

5. Rose ~ In the UK, June is the month when gardens are full of beautifully scented roses. Such a pretty girls name for your June baby!

6. Honey or Honeysuckle ~ Another of June's birth-flowers which blooms during this month. Sweetly scented and loved by bees, this is a beautiful flower to associate with your baby.

7. Sia ~ A girls name and the Scottish Gaelic word for six, as June is the sixth month of the year.

8. Gem ~ Inspired by June's star sign Gemini, this is a short and sweet girls name is perfect for baby's born under this star sign.

9. Arun ~ A boys name meaning 'sun' in Hindi. June is the beginning of summer in the UK, so what better way to celebrate your baby's summer birthday than blessing them with a sunny name!

10. Summer ~ The ultimate sunny, summery name. It's pretty, unusual and the perfect choice for your little ray of sunshine.

So that's my top 10 baby names for your June born baby. I hope you find something that inspires you on the list! If you have the perfect June baby name, please pop it in the comments. I would love to hear it!


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