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10 Gorgeous Names for Your May Born Baby

May is a lovely time of year to have a baby! The leaves are new, fresh and green and the warm summer days are just beginning. If you're looking for a name inspired by your May born baby's birth month, take a look at my top 10 May baby name suggestions below.

1. May

Starting with the most obvious of course! It's a sweet, old fashioned girls name which isn't very common at the moment but I think it should make a come back. It was also my grandmother's name (who was born in May) so I have always loved it.

2. Mae

A more modern looking variation on May but pronounced the same. It also means 'pearl' and is often used as a shortened form of Mary or Margaret. Famous Mae's include American Actor and stage star Mae West.

3. Maya

Maya is a pretty, girls name which appears in many different languages and has several meanings including including "dream" in Sanskrit, "courage" in Maori, and "mother" in Greek. In Hebrew it can mean 'Water'.

4. Mason

Mason is traditionally a male name although in recent years it has been used for both boys and girls. In English it means 'stone worker' or 'bricklayer'. It comes from the verb 'to make' and seen as a strong and creative name.

5. Emerald

Emerald is the birthstone for May and can make an unusual girls name. The precious stone's name means 'green' in Persian and has ancient origins. Emeralds are renowned for being a beautiful deep green in colour and are supposed to open the heart and strengthen relationships. The Spanish version on this name is Esmeralda.

6. Lily

The beautiful Lily of the Valley flowers that bloom at this time of year are one of May's birthstones, so this delicate name is perfect for little girls born this month. The Latin word lily can mean 'passion', 'pure and 'rebirth'.

7. Fleur

Fleur is a gorgeous girl's name which means 'flower' in French. May is the month when the summer flowers start to bloom in the UK following the rain in April which gives rise to the saying "April showers bring May flowers".

8. Quinn

Quinn is a unisex name which derives from the Irish surname O'Cuinn. It can also relate to the Latin number 5 'quinque' and refer to the fifth month of the year.

9. Anakin

4th May is know as Star Wars Day, so fans of the movie series might like to choose a character inspired name for their May born baby. While calling your little one Chewbacca or R2D2 might not be your cup of tea, there are some beautiful names among the cast to choose from. Anakin is a boys name meaning 'warrior'.

10. Gem or Gemma

The star sign for the end of May is Gemini, so why not choose a celestial inspired name for your May born baby. Gem is a unisex name meaning 'jewel' in Latin. The longer version Gemma, usually used for girls can also mean 'precious stone' in Italian.

Do you have an idea for the perfect name for a May born baby? Please comment below; I would love to hear it!

10 baby names for May born babies; Salisbury newborn photographer


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