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Salisbury Cake Smash Photographer - Twinkle Star Session

Salisbury Cake Smash Photo shoot for Baby Charlotte

As Salisbury's leading Cake Smash photographer, there aren't many themes that I haven't done before, so it's lovely when I get to design something new! Sweet Baby Charlotte missed out on having a newborn session because of the pandemic, so I was delighted to create something extra special to celebrate her first birthday in January.

Her mummy asked for a Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star theme and said that she had the perfect little dress to go with it. It all came together perfectly and Charlotte looked adorable in a midnight blue sequined dress and matching shoes. The colour really showed off her amazing bright blue eyes!

Salisbury cake smash photographer, twinkle star them

Around 20% of the babies I see for a cake smash session are already walking. It does make quite a difference to how the session goes and sometimes means that they even pick up their cake and walk away with it, which is always hilarious! Sweet Charlotte certainly enjoyed showing off her amazing walking skills during her session.

Twinkle twinkle little star cake smash photo shoot

After some clean birthday portraits, we brought in Charlotte's beautiful moon and stars cake by Sugar Wish Cakes. She really enjoyed getting stuck in to the icing and licking her fingers.

Salisbury Cake Smash photographer baby girl's 1st birthday photo shoot

Sometimes she didn't even need to use her hands!

Cake Smash photography, baby girl eating birthday cake

Charlotte even tried to lift her cake up at one point, but as you can see from her expression it was just a bit too heavy.

Salisbury cake smash photography, starry birthday photo shoot

Once the wooden spoon came out, there was no stopping her and she happily played with her cake for the rest of her cake smash session.

Cake smash photographer near Salisbury

Once Charlotte had finished with the cake we moved onto the splash part of the cake smash photo shoot. This is often my favourite part because babies usually love being in the bath. It also ensures that they are nice and clean before they leave the studio. A Salisbury cake smash session is thirsty work, so Charlotte enjoyed her drink of milk before she left the studio.

Wiltshire cake smash photography, baby birthday photo shoot

All our lovely cake smash clients who come to the studio for a session receive a beautiful, custom designed collage print as well as their images on USB. It's the perfect keepsake to display in their nursery!

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into Charlotte's special birthday cake smash. If you're looking for a Salisbury Cake Smash Photographer I would love you to get in touch, or visit the Cake Smash Photography section of my website for more details and themes.

Salisbury cake smash photo shoot


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