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Woodland Cake Smash Photo Shoot for Baby A

This little man and his big brother came to the studio before lockdown for their 2020 Christmas Session and I suddenly realised that I hadn't blogged about his beautiful Cake Smash Session which was just before our first lockdown in England! He's certainly grown since then, but his Cake Smash Session was too cute not to share.

Some baby's are already walking at their 1st birthday session, while others are happily cruising and pulling themselves up. Sometimes I even get to capture those precious first steps as they explore the studio! Sweet Baby A was able to stand all by himself.

After some clean portraits we moved onto the fun and messy part - doesn't he look cute in his green cloth nappy!

Safe to say the little man loved his cake, especially the frosting which somehow managed to get all over his toes.

I usually give baby's a wooden spoon to bash the cake with too for a little extra smashing action!

After waiting so patiently while his little brother got stuck into the cake, sweet Mr M joined in at the end and finally got to eat some cake too. They were so sweet together sharing the cake!

After all the messy fun, our cake smash sessions end with a bubble bath to clean off the cake and icing before you go home. This is one of my favourite parts of the session and babies love it too!

If little one is still in a great mood, I love to capture some wrapped up towel images right at the very end. Big brother wanted to say well done too!


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