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Looking for the perfect name for your April Baby?

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April is a wonderful time of year to welcome a new baby into the world. In the UK, Spring is full of new life and the promise of warmer, summer days to come. There are also plenty of blustery showers and rainbows thanks to the unpredictable English weather! When it comes to naming your April baby there are so many sources of inspiration, from seasonal flowers to the weather to religious celebrations. If you're looking to name your Spring born baby with a nod to their April birthday, you really are spoilt for choice!

As a newborn photographer, I have met lots of April born babies over the years and I love some of the beautiful and imaginative names my clients have chosen for their Spring babies. With so many options to choose from, we've done the hard work for you and found the top 10 names to consider for your April baby.

1. April - Starting with the most obvious name for an April baby girl but still one of my personal favourite names of all time. It makes me this of the promise, freshness and new life of Spring!

2. Daisy - The daisy is April's birth flower and another pretty name for newborn baby girls born in April. Less obvious than choosing the month itself, but still with a lovely connection behind it.

3. Ariel - Taken from the April horoscope sign, Aries. Disney's mermaid Ariel has been incredibly popular in recent years but the name has much older origins, meaning 'lion of God' in Hebrew. It can be used for both boys and girls too!

4. Avril - meaning the month of April in French and also 'to open' is a pretty, but uncommon girl's name. A great choice if you are looking for something more unusual and I think rather chic.

5. Blossom - Why not choose a pretty girls name which reflects one of the most beautiful natural highlights of Spring? April is the prime month for blossom here in the UK and although it is often quickly swept away by April showers and winds it's stunning while it lasts.

6. Stavros - is a boys name of Greek origin meaning 'cross' and could be a reference to the Christian Easter belief that Jesus died on the cross. As Easter often falls in the month of April, you may find yourself having a your baby over the Easter weekend.

7. Raine or Reign - both spellings are gender neural names meaning to rule. However they could also be chosen as a sweet reminder of the many April showers which this month is well known for in the UK.

8. Moses - is a boy's name of Egyptian origin meaning "delivered from the water". The Old Testament story of Moses being rescued from the bulrushes as a baby is familiar to Christians and the Jewish festival of Passover also often falls in the month of April. The name Moses was made popular by Gwyneth Paltrow who chose it for her son in 2006.

9. Pascal - a French boys name meaning 'born at Easter'. A lovely name for baby boys born over the Easter weekend and with the perfect touch of French chic to make it stand out from the crowd.

10. Iris or Iridiana - both girls names from the Greek word meaning 'rainbow'. They're perfect for a baby born in the month of sunshine and showers and also beautiful for a long awaited rainbow baby.

I hope you have found our April baby name ideas helpful. If you have a beautiful April baby name that we haven't mentioned, please comment below. If you are expecting an April baby and looking for a newborn photographer in the Wiltshire or Hampshire area, pop over to the newborn section of our website for details of our newborn photo shoots and to receive a brochure.


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