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Hospital Bag Checklist for Pregnant Mums - What should I take when I give birth?

From the essentials for you and your baby, to little luxuries to make your hospital stay more comfortable. With the help of lots of Wiltshire mums who have birthed their babies in hospital, we've put together a comprehensive checklist to help you pack your all important hospital bag.

When I was pregnant, I remember that packing my hospital bag was the one thing that made me really feel I was getting close to meeting my baby! If you are planning a hospital or birthing centre birth, it's essential to have your bag packed and ready to go several weeks before your baby is 'due' to be born. Babies are not famed for arriving on their due date, so it's best to be prepared! Even if you are planning a home birth, it's a good idea to have a bag packed with all the essentials in one place and to save rushing around finding things should you need to go to hospital.

Packing for giving birth in hospital can actually mean packing two bags one for labour and birth and one for after the birth with your baby's things and going home clothes. This makes it easier to find what you need rather than searching through one big bag!

For you

- Loose nightie or comfy pyjamas

- Dressing gown or big, comfy cardigan

- Flip flops or slippers

- Big pants or disposable pants

- Tena lady pants or maternity pads

- Loose, comfy clothes

- Towel, toiletries, hairbrush, hairbands

- Nipple cream

- Lip balm

- Water bottles/ straws

- Spray water/ fan

- Own pillow and blanket

- Lots of snacks (for your partner too)

- Jelly babies

- Dextro energy tablets

- Book, puzzles, tablet to pass the time

- Long phone charge and phone

- Bluetooth earphones

-Eye mask

- Face wipes

-Family photo

- Aromatherapy oils or small stick

- Arnica cream or tablets for bruising

For Your Baby

- 6 sleepsuits (2 sizes just in case)

- Hat


- Muslin cloths

- Lots of nappies

- Blanket

- Cotton wool

- Scratch mitts/ socks

- Car Seat

I hope you find our hospital birth bag list useful. If you have any additional items or top tips that you think we should add, please comment below.


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