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Fun ways to announce your pregnancy

Sharing the news of your pregnancy is part of the fun and excitement of having a baby.  Obviously, as a photographer, I take notice of these kinds of announcements and have seen some brilliant, fun and innovative ways couples announce their pregnancy to family and friends.

Here are some of my favourites:

Using Siblings To Announce Your Pregnancy

It’s so much fun to include siblings in your announcement.  And there are lots of ways to set this up and take photographs yourself to send or post on social media.

One of my favourites is the ‘eviction notice’ for the cot accompanied by a not very happy looking older sibling!

But I also love the excited siblings too – using a printed big brother/ sister t-shirt and noticeboard is a really cute and simple idea.

How cute is this 'tummy telephone' conversation with his new sibling!

Siblings with a scan photo of the new baby is another popular idea. There are endless ways to put your own unique twist on this one.

Although toddlers being toddlers, you can't always make them look happy about it!

Posters or Boards

Having your announcement printed or chalked onto a board will also give you a lasting keepsake of your special news.  This one is lovely!


Perhaps you already have a family of fur babies. The pregnancy announcements that include pets always make me smile. This one is very cute!

Shy Family

Maybe you’re not the type of family who posts their faces on social media much?  That’s definitely a growing trend. But you shouldn’t miss out on the fun – this clever announcement was doing the rounds a couple of years ago but is still a different way to share your news.

Or a sweet scrabble letters message could be more your style.

It’s very similar to this shoes image which announces a new pair of tiny feet is on the way

Or you could choose to be a little more dramatic!


More and more pregnancy announcements are now filmed and shared on social media.  These nearly always bring a tear to my eye – especially the ones where grandparents find out there’s a baby on the way.

Here’s a compilation of some lovely ones to give you some inspiration for your own pregnancy announcement. Watch here!

Thank you to all the families who allowed me to share their pregnancy announcement in this blog post!

I’d love to hear how you announced your pregnancy.  If you have photographs or video – even better tag me on social media using @rachelburnsidephotography.

Once you’ve made your announcement, it’s time to start thinking about more professional portraits.  That’s where I can help you – take a look at my maternity galleries here.


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