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Displaying your family photographs

I often have parents in my studio in Salisbury who comment on how much they have enjoyed their newborn photography session.  So many families don’t realise how enjoyable a newborn session can be, when they have really been focused on the final outcome – their finished newborn portraits.

The digital age has been a revolution in the photography industry.  Gone are the days of expensive film and even more expensive processing of that film.  Instead, photographers like me use digital cameras and our darkroom is now our computer.  I can spend as much time editing your beautiful portraits to perfection on my computer as I do actually shooting them in my studio!

newborn photography wall art display

Although the digital files I end up with are mini works of art – and mean the world to the families I work with, it’s the physical products – the prints and the wall art – that will take your breath away.

Hand-picked Products

I work with some amazing suppliers within the photography industry so I can offer you a range of carefully curated products but how on earth do you make the right choice for you?  Here are my top tips:

Albums & Photobooks

Are you the type of family who love albums and books?  Perhaps you always print out your holiday snaps and make albums and keepsake books to look back through together?  As your children grow up it’s lovely to do this together – looking through a photo album or book holds so much more nostalgia and excitement for a child than simply flicking through digital images on your phone or PC.  Printing photographs or having printed albums almost elevates the status of your images – you’re saying ‘I really care about this photo, so much that I want to hold it in my hands’ If this sounds like you then you will love my range of luxury albums and photo books.

Wall Art

Maybe you’re the type of family that loves art and interior design?  You love it when people walk in your home and say ‘wow I love that photograph, it’s beautiful’  Maybe you love being surrounded by the happy moments – you only have to glance up at the canvas on the wall to remind yourself how lucky you are. Having your images on display is a fantastic boost – and it’s really important for your children too.  Studies have shown that having your family portraits or children’s portraits on display is brilliant for your child’s self-esteem. Just knowing they are important enough to adorn your walls is very grounding for them. If this sounds like you then you will love my range of prints and wall art products.


We all sometimes need a little inspiration to understand what is possible to achieve with your family images.  Some of you will want huge, take your breath away displays, while others will want more subtle desk prints. Whatever your style, you can make a statement with your family portraits.  Take a look here for some fabulous ways to use your images to make a focal point in your home. My personal favourite is Number 8 – what a display!

Once you have an idea of how you are going to use your images, chat with me about how we can achieve your dream decor or display.  I look forward to helping you create something amazing!

Click here to check availability and request a brochure.

Newborn photography art display in salisbury studio


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