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Newborn Photography Session for Dachshund Puppies with Rachel Burnside Photography, Wiltshire

These newborns were a little different to my usual human clients however most mammal newborns are similar in lots of ways, so the session didn't turn out too differently in the end. They fed first and then they were nice and sleepy in my cosy studio. They loved been cuddled up on the beanbag and tucked up snugly in a basket. Then came the parent shots of course which were slightly more unusual - I don't normally have to bribe my parents with biscuits... oh hang on a moment, maybe I do! Then the puppies woke up and we captured some lovely wide-eyed awake shots plus a couple with their 'big sister' before we wound up the session. Just a normal Newborn Photography Session really!

3 Dachshund puppies asleep on blue backdrop during puppy newborn photography session in Salisbury, Wiltshire

Awake Dachshund puppy posing for newborn photo shoot

two newborn Dachshund puppies posed in basket for newborn photo session in Salisbury, Wiltshire

cute Dachshund puppy posed on back in basket for newborn style photo shoot

I more usually photograph non-fur babies, so if you are expecting a new arrival in 2019 do get in touch via our website for a brochure!


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