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Celebrate your growing bump!

I love maternity portraits.  I love everything about them. Mums to-be always look radiant in their third trimester and add that to the excitement of their due date getting ever closer and you can see why I love creating beautiful maternity portraits here in my Salisbury studio.

Part of the reason I love shooting maternity portraits so much is there is an amazing miracle going on that you can’t fully see.  It’s like the best mystery or surprise. Pregnancy is also fleeting – though it may not feel like it in your third trimester! Have you ever heard a woman say she’s missing her bump  – that’s because once pregnancy is over and you are holding your baby in your arms, you understand the amazing miracle your bump was hiding.

So, what’s really going on in your third trimester?

Your reach your third trimester at 29 weeks pregnant.  Usually, your tiredness and the nausea of early pregnancy has subsided leaving you feeling more energetic and excited at the impending arrival of your baby!

You’ll find you want to slow down a little as your bump grows during the third trimester.  You can still exercise but you might prefer a gentle stroll rather than going for a run! Sleeping gets more tricky towards the end of your pregnancy.  If it’s not a trip to the toilet keeping you awake it’s the fact you can’t get comfortable! It’s important you sleep on your side in later pregnancy – find out more about that here.

You might also find a pillow between your knees helps you to get comfortable on your side.  A nursing pillow that doubles up to help you get a good nights sleep is also a great investment in your third trimester.  You’ll find some great options here.

Don't forget to take time to relax and pamper yourself. During your third trimester you may find yourself feeling aches and pains as your ligaments relax in preparation for birth. Pregnancy massage is soothing for aching muscles and joints and can help relieve lower back ache in your last trimester leaving your body feeling positively relaxed.

It’s time to plan

You’ll also use your third trimester to make sure you have everything you need for your baby as well as enjoying spending some time looking after yourself.  This is the perfect time to think about maternity portraits. It’s a wonderful treat to have beautiful portraits which you’ll cherish – not only for you but also for your baby.  You can find out more about my maternity portraiture here.

As your due date draws closer, you’ll want to start thinking about your birth plan.  It’s also important to think about your options if your chosen birth plan becomes impossible to achieve.  Your midwife will discuss all of your options with you, but it doesn’t do any harm to be informed as your pain relief options are many. More information about pain relief choices in labour can be found here.

Pregnancy yoga can have a great affect for you and your bump, giving you time and space for emotional connection as well as learning breathing techniques, mindfulness and active birthing positions for labour. Find out more about Salisbury's Relax My Baby pregnancy massage and yoga classes here, plus an amazing 10% discount when you mention our blog!

Relax My Baby pregnancy yoga and massage

Amazing 3rd-trimester facts

Finally, here are some amazing facts about what is going on inside that beautiful bump in your third trimester:

- Your baby is busy turning cartilage into bone and is getting all of their calcium from you so make sure you’re eating plenty of calcium-rich foods

- Your baby can open their eyes and will respond to light stimulus outside

- Your baby’s toenails and fingernails will fully form

- Your baby practices breathing

- In the last couple of weeks, your baby will be putting on fat in preparation for their entrance to the world.  

Aren’t you just amazing?

Learn more about our Maternity Photography Sessions and check availability here.


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