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Beautiful Baby Names that mean 'Love'

As you welcome your new baby into the world with love and wonder, why not consider choosing a name that reflects the love you have for them?

A name which means love is a natural choice for your sweet baby, especially if they are born close to Valentine's Day! Aside from the more obvious choices such as Valentine or Amour, there are words which mean love or beloved in every language. Many can make beautiful and unusual names for your new baby, and be a beautiful reminder of the month of their birth.

Baby names that mean love by Wiltshire newborn photographer

Girl's Names

1. Carys

Carys is a Welsh name meaning love. A strong yet pretty name, with a long history and traditional roots.

2. Adelpha

Adelpha is a traditional Greek name meaning ‘beloved sister’. Lovely for a little girl with older siblings.

3. Kalila

Kalila is an Arabic name which means ‘darling' or 'dearly loved’. Perfect for your beloved little girl.

4. Ettie

Ettie is a variant of the name Ester and also related to Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of love. It's such a sweet name for a little girl!

5. Imogen

Imogen is a Greek name meaning ‘beloved child or maiden'. The name symbolises innocence and is easily shortened in many different ways to suit your little girl's personality - Immy, Imo, Ginny, Emmy etc.

Newborn Baby fine art photography in red heart

Boys Names

1. Gerwyn

Gerwyn is a traditional Welsh name meaning ‘fair love’. It will make a wonderful name for your little prince.

2. Amias

Amias is a beautiful Latin name that has a beautiful romantic sound to it, along with literally meaning 'love'. Perfect for your little love.

3. Rudo

Rudo is a traditional, yet modern sounding African name. The name Rudo means "love" in the Shona language of southern Africa. It's a simple and wearable boys name which will grow with your little boy throughout his life.

4. Aziz

Aziz is a powerful Arabic name, meaning ‘beloved’. This traditional name represents one of the 99 attributes of Allah.

5. Davis

Hebrew name with the same origins are David, meaning 'beloved of God'. A more modern twist on the very traditional David for your little boy.


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